Montreal Hardiness Zone: Advice, Best Practices, and What to Plant

As a beginner gardener, one of the first things I searched for was Montreals’ hardiness zone so I could start choosing the plants I wanted to grow.
In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of knowing your plant hardiness zone, provide descriptions of Montreal’s zone, suggest suitable plants, and introduce you to how Cultiville can support you in your gardening adventure this season (Read more)

How to Find a Garden Plot in Montreal

Life in Montreal is lively and bustling, but sometimes, we crave a tranquil green space to call our own.
Benefits of Gardening:
Green Spaces and Well-being: Green spaces are not only visually pleasing but also contribute to our overall health and well-being (Read more)

No-till: 3 ways to turn your lawn into a garden

What is no-till?
No-till a gardening approach that respects the delicate balance within the soil by prioritising minimal soil disturbance.

When does tilling make sense?
While tilling comes with its own downsides, there are moments when tilling might make sense.

Sheet Mulching Method
The sheet mulching method, often referred to as “lasagna gardening”, is a comprehensive no-till technique that involves layering organic materials to create a garden bed… (Read more)

What Every Gardener Should Know About Stink Bugs

Why are they called stink bugs?
Stink bugs have a unique defence mechanism.

When and where to find them:
Understanding their seasonal patterns empowers us to be proactive in our garden defence.

3 Common Stink Bugs in Montreal:
So here lies a challenge – distinguishing between beneficial and harmful stink bugs can sometimes be tricky…(Read more)

Mastering Garden Watering: Debunking 5 Watering Myths

Top 5 Watering Myths
The success of your garden heavily relies on how you manage its watering schedule.

One Inch of Water a Week:
When I first started gardening, one of the first things I did was go to Google and searched “How much to water a garden”.

Watering the Leaves Will Burn Them :
The idea behind this one is that water droplets on the leaves act as mini magnifying glasses, concentrating the sun’s rays and potentially scorching the leaves…(Read more)

The Wonderfully Tiny World of Aphids

Aphids and Ants: BFFs for life
What we saw was a classic example of a mutualistic relationship that can be found in the garden.

Ladybugs to the Rescue: Natural Aphid Predators
While ants may love aphids, gardeners might not be so keen to have them around the garden they’re looking to harvest from.

Ecologically-based Pest Management
By fostering a healthy ecosystem and inviting beneficial insects like ladybugs into our garden, we can establish a balance that keeps aphid populations in check, without resorting to adding synthetic chemicals…(Read more)